Friday, June 26, 2020

Victorian . . . ish

(Originally scheduled to post May 12, 2018) 

Here’s a grouping of earlier Aikin Lamberts:

The top one and the fourth are the earliest, fully marked “Aikin Lambert & Co.”

The fifth one is marked on the nose with Aikin Lambert’s “Sterling.A.” mark:

The sterling work is really impressive:

But what’s even more impressive is its size.  It measures a hair over five and a half inches:

As for the remaining three, we’d tend to lump magic pencils such as these into the category of “Victorians,” except for what we know now about the trademarks:

From yesterday’s article, we know the trademark application for this mark wasn’t filed until November 24, 1908 – years after Queen Victoria passed away in 1901.  Edwardian might be a better word to use for these.

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