Sunday, June 28, 2020

The Other Beegee

(Originally scheduled to post May 14, 2018) 

It’s been years since I’ve thought about the Beegee line of budget leadholders (see The Leadhead's Pencil Blog Vol. 1, page 413).  I don’t know why I never posted about this find, from the Philadelphia Show that year:

With the box and paperwork, the “Beegee Perfect Ink Eraser” deserves a mention:

The “eraser” is actually a fiberglass brush, concealed within the nose cone - exposing just a tiny bit would create a very stiff abrasive surface to buff ink from the page.   Although it was marketed as an ink eraser, it works equally for scuffing pencil marks away, too:

The cap is marked “Beegee Jr. / Pat. Oct. 17, 1911:

Francis Henry Baldwin and William Graff of New York applied for this patent on June 30, 1910, and it was issued as number 1,005,924:

And yes Virginia, the patent is listed in American Writing Instrument Patents Volume 2: 1911-1945.

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LinnArch said...

The RUSH Eraser only in metal...pretty cool.......