Friday, February 10, 2017

Carter's and DeWitt-LaFrance: An Important Missing Link

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Recently I posted an article about an announcement I found in a 1925 issue of Office Appliances that Carter’s Ink Company had purchased DeWitt-LaFrance (, settling a longstanding argument concerning what became of DeWitt-LaFrance.

This find is equally convincing:

Dents and all, this little ringtop fills in a very important gap in the historical record.  We have the 1925 announcement in Office Appliances, and back in 2009 “Ordo ab Chao” posted this instruction sheet on Fountain Pen Network:

This indicates that the Superite pencil – DeWitt-LaFrance’s flagship line – was “Manufactured by The Carter’s Ink Co.”  Ordo indicated the instruction sheet accompanied a boxed pen and pencil set marked only “Superite.”  But did Carter’s actually own the brand?

This is the only example I have ever seen marked both “Carter’s” and “Superite.”