Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Like a Really, Really Tall Ninja

(Originally scheduled to be published on May 9, 2018)

After yesterday’s article, I had finished writing articles about all of the pencils I had photographed . . . sort of. 

Recently I spent waaay too much time trying to find an article I just knew I’d written for the blog, so I could provide a link to it in the updated article.  After exhausting every tab under which I could think to look, it dawned on me that maybe I had only written the piece in my head, as I was photographing the pencil I was thinking of.  Sure enough, there were the images, tucked away in a huge dead letter office on my hard drive, not doing anybody any good.

Like this one:

I still remember picking this one up on Terry Mawhorter’s table at the Baltimore Show – that’s when it was still being held over at the Tremont Grand, so we’re talking five years ago at least.

“Is this what I think it is?” I said.

Terry just nodded.  And I bought it.

I wrote about the Eversharp Skyline Executive early on here at the blog (The Leadhead's Pencil Blog Vol. 1, page 337).  I did fish out the one that shows the Executive alongside its normal-sized siblings for you and adjusted the light and color a bit:

This series is what I call the “Standard I” series of Eversharp Skylines – those with the striped upper barrels and solid lower barrels, with a thin trim ring (those with a wide trim ring I refer to as the “Standard II”).   Until I found the example on Terry’s table, I did not know that they also came in the “Solid II” series - that’s all one color barrel with a thin trim ring (“Solid I” has no trim ring and “Solid III” has a wide one):

Are there other colors and configurations of the Executive?  All has been quiet on the hunting front for five years now [note: seven now!], but never say never.  

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