Saturday, October 6, 2012

While We're At It . . .

On the subject of Eagles, I don’t remember who I got this one from in DC. It’s the red one, shown next to the Eagle "Gleam" pattern pencil from November 22 ("More Stars and Moons for the Constellation"):

It clearly shares the same lines as the other "deco Eagles," as I call them, but it’s a little bit longer and the clip is set much lower on the barrel:

The color’s interesting, but I didn’t bring it home because it was just pretty. It reminded me of something else . . . here it is, pictured next to an Eversharp Varsity pencil from the mid-1930s:

"Reminded" is a good word. It’s close, but just a little different. Close up, there’s just a tiny difference:

The Varsity, at the top, has the occasional gold lines flanking the black and white stripes.

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Harry said...

I have a very similar plastic in, I think, an Arnold fountain pen (cut me a break, it was a gift). I'll have to dig it out and compare.