Sunday, October 21, 2012

Adding Both Color and Texture

This was just another face in a crowd of pencils in an online auction, and it wasn’t the one I bought the bunch for:

The pictures online weren’t the best, of this one anyway. I knew it was a large and impressive pencil, but what I was hoping for, and what it turned out to be, was a pencil with an angled top:

Does this look familiar? Remember the Colorgraphs I wrote about here back on December 8? Here is the new find posed next to those other two:

Unfortunately, the clip from this one is missing, and there’s no imprint, but there’s no question in my mind that this is another example of the Colorgraph, and from the looks of the nose cone, this one looks to be a little earlier:

As I was playing with this new one, trying to take it apart to see how hard it would be to transplant a clip onto it from a more common black and pearl example, I accidentally learned something about Colorgraphs. Like the Neo Duplex from yesterday, Colorgraphs are duplex pencils!

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Anonymous said...

I wish i could contribute more than oooh's & aaaah's to your posts.

These are really cool & to discover they are duplex pieces is pretty boss.