Thursday, October 18, 2012

Could This Be The Key?

As I was musing about the "DK" logos denoting David Kahn, Inc., I went back through and checked clips on several other lower-quality brands to see if they shared the same connection. Enter the Keystone, one that I’ve long suspected might have a David Kahn (Wearever) connection:

The clips on each of these have a "K" on the clip, all right. Duh. It could be Keystone, but could it also stand for Kahn?

That’s as far as I got with that line of thought. In the meantime, I found this example of a Keystone, which to me answers the question:

Here’s the clip and band close up:

I don’t believe the Keystone was a Kahn brand anymore, and I think I know whose brand it was:

That’s the Keystone next to a Stratford, made by Salz Bros. (in the later years of the company, Salz dropped its old name and simply went by "Stratford").

These two couldn’t be any more alike:

Same faceted plastic. Same "PATO" clip. And the only difference between the band cutouts is in the number of dots between the lines.

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