Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Word About Wahl's Military Clip

Joe Nemecek brought this one along to show off in DC:

This is truly a pristine example of a Canadian Wahl Eversharp:

Note that the imprint, like the English Eversharps, doesn’t include the Wahl name:

But this article isn’t about the pencil itself. It’s about that interesting top-mounted clip, which is referred to as a "military clip" because it permits the pencil to sit deeply in the pocket without sticking out – suitable for use with a military uniform.

A few months ago, someone posted a question concerning that military clip in the Eversharp forum over at Fountain Pen Network, and I thought I’d lend a hand by quoting chapter and verse from The Catalogue and rattling off the patent information. One problem with that: I opened up The Catalogue and found that I’d never mentioned the military clip!

So with many apologies, and a very belated responsive post to Fountain Pen Network, the Wahl military clip was patented by John C. Wahl, Hugo S. Hasselquist and Arthur F. Poole, who applied for their patent on September 30, 1918 and were granted patent number 1,334,332 on March 23, 1920:

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