Sunday, October 7, 2012

I Hear They Also Made Pens

Joe Nemecek brought a number of things for me to photograph at the DC Show. One of them I borrowed to bring home for some quality time:

This pristine example of a Carter’s "Coraltex" (that’s Carter’s name for it) ringtop pencil is in a really unusual purple color, and the graphics on the box are just beautiful.

I know I could have just have easily taken these photographs in DC and given the pencil back to Joe, but there was a reason I needed to bring it home for some better pictures. Joe’s example also included the original paperwork, and like all the paperwork that accompanies boxed examples like this, the paper is very thin and folded over about a dozen times in the bottom of the box. Straightening out this paper for photographing is a painstaking process, and I didn’t have what I needed to do it right (and without damaging anything).

At home, after about an hour of carefully flattening, straightening and temporarily mounting the paperwork in a semi-rigid PVC-free case, I was able to photograph the documentation:

And whaddaya know – on the other side, there is an advertisement for the company’s "other" line of writing instruments:

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