Monday, October 29, 2012

My New Mascot

Pencils with the name "Mascot" on the clip don’t get much respect from collectors. Usually, they are tacky-looking gold plated numbers, often times with an equally tacky looking plastic "jewel" mounted on the top. Occasionally you might find a hand painted, but it will still be hand painted over a tacky looking gold plated number with an equally tacky looking plastic jewel on top. Lipstick on a pig, as the saying goes.

However, when I saw this one I knew I had to have it:

Yeah, I know. It’s a tacky-looking gold plated number, isn’t it? At least there’s no jewel on top. You’re probably wondering, as glowingly as I speak of the lowly Mascot, what’s got me all stirred up about this one. Obviously, it wasn’t the pencil that interested me, but the paperwork that came with it:

Really? 101 uses for a pencil? I had to google that, just for grins, and I’m not sure that was a good idea. There’s some really sick puppies out there in cyberland. But even as intriguing as a pencil with a hundred uses plus one, that wasn’t the exciting part for me. Here’s the inside of the paperwork – read it all the way to the bottom:

Aha! The Mascot was made by Apex Products, makers of the "Magic Multiplying Pencil" and Ely Culbertson’s Bridge Scoring Pencils ("Every Time I Think I’ve Found The Apex, There’s Another," December 29).

Finding that connection reminded me that I had some pictures of another Apex Magic Multiplying Pencil to show you – one with a twist, and not the upper barrel kind. It’s the smaller sized one:

But there’s a surprise at the other business end:

Now that’s an awful lot of work to put into making an ordinary wooden pencil, isn’t it?

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Tom Taylor said...

Would buy a Mascot? Even if it came with a Stik? Well, I bought the two together, because the came with a pen with a "snake clip" hallmark turn out to be a Frank Pearce. So I now also have a Mascot with the plastic Jewel in my collection.