Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Closing Out In Style

The Eversharp Skyline Press Clip I is a relatively common pencil. Here’s the picture from page of The Catalogue:

Recently, I couldn’t help but splurge on this:

This store display card, shown as it came to me, had all but two of the spots filled with pencils. I didn’t mind, since it showed off the two alternating messages behind them:

"I’ve been sold" and "Gone to work." Pretty cool. And that woman with the amazed look on her face?

That’s Ann Sothern, a comedienne along the lines of Lucille Ball, and the name of her movie and radio character was "Maisie." Eversharp, which by the 1940s was behind the curve in practically everything else, was nevertheless out in front as far as radio and television sponsorship, most notably with its sponsorship of the game show"Take it or Leave it" with host Phil Baker:

"Take it or leave it" ran from 1940 to 1947, but Phil Baker became the show’s host in 1941. The Ann Sothern reference helps to date these pencils to within just a couple of years:

"The Adventures of Maisie," starring Ann Sothern, was on CBS from 1945 to 1947. Sothern starred in dozens of movies during a decades-long career, earning her only Academy Award nomination (for best supporting actress) in her last film, The Whales of August, in 1988. She died in Ketcham, Idaho in 2001, at the age of 92.

But the Ann Sothern reference isn’t what had me flipping for this piece. Included on the card were these two:

Not one demi-sized example in gray, but two! For some reason, grey examples in the Skyline series, and particularly the demi-sized ones, are pretty tough to come by. I’ve been looking for one to complete my set of the Press Clip I variants for years, and these even have price "disks" under the clip:

Unless these start turning up in some colors I’m not aware of, that closes out this set!

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