Saturday, October 13, 2012

I Suppose You Can Point With A Baton

You gotta love online sellers who don’t know anything about the things they are selling, because in general, they tend to describe things exactly as they see them, not like they think they are supposed to see them. Tanya Hiles listed this one as an "Eagle Pointer":

This had me excited, because Tanya doesn’t know anything about the pencils she’s selling, and this sure didn’t look like any Pointer I’d ever seen -- but surely she can read, right?  Just to be sure, thought, I sent her a message to confirm what it said. And, since Tanya is a terrible communicator, she didn’t respond.

Time was ticking out on the auction, and I made the decision to take a risk and bid, hoping that if she didn’t understand what it was, maybe she at least read the words on it correctly. Unfortunately, after the auction closed (giving her the benefit of the doubt, I’d like to think that wasn’t on purpose), Tanya emailed me to say the pencil did not say "Pointer" on it anywhere.  Note to self:  seller doesn't know pencils and can't read.

I decided to keep the pencil anyway, even though I probably paid too much for it, because it does have a 1915 Eagle patent accommodation clip, but this one is marked "Patent Applied For," making it prior to 1915 and somewhat unusual:

Note that the clip, which I moved down a bit for this picture, has obviously been on there for a long, long time. The pencil itself is completely unmarked, which is potentially bad news, since Eagle marked most of the things the company produced. It definitely is not a Pointer, and I have no idea where Tanya would have gotten the idea that it was: the nose does not come off at all, and it is a simple leadholder that grips or releases the lead with a half turn or so of the crown.

But on the positive side, just because it’s a leadholder doesn’t mean it can’t be an Eagle. Here’s a pencil I picked up from another seller a few months back:

this one has a slightly different clip and a larger top:

and on the barrel is imprinted "529 Eagle Baton Eagle Pencil Co. New York":

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eddbagenal said...

I just bought the exact same pencil as the unmarked top model, with the exact same clip also, so maybe an early Eagle after all?