Friday, June 4, 2021

Triangle Pen Show Auction Preview

Since John Hall's wife entrusted his collection to me for liquidation, I've consigned some things to Terry Mawhorter for the pen auction at the Raleigh Show next week.  Terry asked me to shoot pictures of the lots, and here they are, with their tentative lot numbers.

NOTE:  If you are not going to the Raleigh show but you want to bid on these things, I will bid on them for you if (1) I know you, (2) I like you and (3) I trust you.  

UPDATE:  Here's how this will work.  If I'm bidding for you, I'll register your name and get you a bidding number for the auction, but I'll be the one responsible for settling up for you at the end of your auction.  That means you'll need to be available Saturday evening to send me a paypal friends and family for your total when the auction is over, because I'll be paying for your stuff that night.  

I'll bid on your behalf just as if you were there, up to the amount you have authorized.  Remember Terry charges a 10 percent buyers' premium which is on top of your bid, and I'll add $8 for priority mail small flat rate box shipping when I get home (more only if everything you buy doesn't fit in a small flat rate box).    

If two people tell me to bid on the same item, I'll place the lower max bid when the bidding opens and the next incremental bid on behalf of the other bidder - nature will take its course from there.  UPDATE TO THE UPDATE:  no, I won't bid against any of the people I'm bidding for.  I'm not going to be able to answer questions or adjust bids during the auction, because I'll be helping Terry - that means you've asked me everything you want to know and finalized your bids before the auction starts.

Lot 1:

Lot 2:

Lot 3:

Lot 4: Note middle pencil is a Skyboy

Lot 5:

Lot 6:

Lot 7:

Lot 8 (four complete pens)

Lot 9: "set" but pencil isn't engraved with a name

Lot 10:

Lot 11:

Lot 12:

Lot 13:

Lot 14:

Lot 15: John made these.  All 4 have same clip.

Lot 16:  John made these, too

Lot 16a:  John built this pen with Bexley parts.

Lot 17:

Lot 18: marked Twinpoint

Lot 19 (this may be divided into two lots):

Lot 20 (Aikin Lambert dip pen) and Lot 21 (two sterling pencils):

Lot 22:

Lot 23:

Lot 24: This was John's pride and joy.  He was a Shriner:

Lot 25 a, b and c:  these will be sold separately.

Lot 26:

Lot 27 and 28: Mont Blanc 149s

Lots 29-31 Mont Blanc 146s

Lot 32: Aikin Lambert.  

Lot 33 (not sure if these will be sold together or separately)

Lot 34:

Lot 35:

Lot 36:
(box and sleeve for lot 36)

Lot 37 (bid for choice):

Lot 38 (bid for choice):

Lot 39 (bid for choice)

Lot 40:

Lot 41:

Lot 42:

Lot 43:

Lot 44:

Lot 45:

Lot 46:

Lot 47:

Lot 48:

Lot 49:

Lot 50:

Lot 51:

Lot 52:

Lot 53 (this will probably be combined with and included in Lot 61):

Lot 54:

Lot 55:

Lot 56:

Lot 57:

Lot 58: six complete Vac pens

Lot 59:

Lot 60:

Lot 61:

Lot 62:

Lot 63:

Lot 64:

Lot 65:

Lot 66:

Lot 67:


fleegle said...

I would like to place a bid on picture 334--the blue Wahl Eversharp. You may bid up to $150. I will not be at the show Saturday night, but I will be home so you can request money from me.

Thank you!

Susan Stevens

fleegle said...

Oh goodness. That comment got mangled. Picture #31 of Lot 34. Not sure what happened.