Thursday, May 31, 2012

Parker Writefine: A "Variant"

Over the winter, a fellow stumbled upon my Mechanical Pencil Museum online and sent me an email.  He claimed to have, among other things, a Parker Writefine which, instead of an exposed eraser, had an eraser under a cap.  The pictures he sent me weren't very clear, but we were finally able to agree on the price:

This example is identical to other ones I had in my collection, so the only reason I bought this one was for the different top treatment:

And under the cap:

However, when I got the pencil and looked at it closely, I became suspicious.  The color and sheen on the cap were just a bit different from the barrel of the pencil, and while the cap fit perfectly, it just looked a little bit off -- that slight taper of the cap doesn't quite fit with the perfectly straight lines of the Writefine series.  So I checked the rest of my collection to see if maybe the cap came from something else, and I found the culprit:

I switched caps, and yes, the Wearever cap fits perfectly on a Writefine.  Lesson learned; chalk that one up to tuition.

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