Sunday, May 27, 2012

Also Seen at Chicago

Lee Anderson stopped by my table to ask me what I thought about this one:

What I thought was "wow."   Lee's first concern was whether this truly was a Parker vest pocket pencil (see pages 112 to 113 in The Catalogue), because it didn't appear to have a barrel imprint.  On closer inspection, if you know where the imprint should be, you can just make it out traces of it as you rotate the pencil in strong light.   I don't know whether the imprint was badly worn or whether it wasn't struck that well to begin with, since the trim on the pencil is in really nice shape.

I've never seen this brown marbled color in a Parker Vest Pocket pencil before. 

And since Lee collects Parker Vest Pockets, there was zero chance I was going to talk him out of it!

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