Friday, May 4, 2012

A. T. Cross: The only one I can one-up Jim with

Here's another one of the spectacular examples in Jim Rouse's collection:

The machine work on the barrel is very finely done.  This one has the "AXT" marking at the top of the barrel:

The elegant, sweeping clip is a good match:

Awhile ago I picked up one almost identical to this, but I like the clip even better:

Mine is marked with the tradename "Alwrite," which was registered by Walter R. Boss on behalf of A.T. Cross Pencil Co. on March 9, 1920.  In the registration, Boss identified the date Cross first used this name as December 3, 1918:

The clip is the familiar Byers snake clip patented in 1914, but on this one, the details of the snake's head have been omitted.  Honestly, I think it makes the clip more attractive:

After all, the machining on these is elaborate enough that I like the plainer clip better:

Yes, I'm proud that I've found one for my collection that rivals one of Jim's.  But that's just one -- so you won't be hearing any "neener neener" out of me!

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