Monday, May 28, 2012

Getting a Better Grip on Ronsons

Bruce Mindrup said that I had to have this every time I picked it up at his table in Chicago, and I must have picked it up a dozen times.  I knew he was right, and it was pointless to resist:

This is a first generation Ronson Penciliter (see my post on March 13).  The only reason I tried to resist at first was that I had some reservations about that grip at the nose end, which is  shaped almost like a fountain pen section:

At first, I thought it looks like something somebody may have just slipped onto an ordinary Penciliter, but on closer examination it doesn't appear to be added and it isn't removable.  Bruce says he's had a couple of these with this same odd gripping section, which goes a long way towards convincing me this is a Ronson variant.

When I compare it to the one I have in my collection, it is identical in all respects at the top end:

But at the nose end, there is a slight difference.  These are known only to come with a black lower section or one that is green marbled with brown flecks. 

The new one looks more brown marble with green flecks, doesn't it?  Although it could just be a batch variation of the same color, that's an awful lot of brown.  Time will tell as more of these turn up whether the color truly appears to be different.

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