Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Now I Can Really Call Them "Gold Seal" Pencils

Lately I've written a few articles about "transitional" Eversharps, which have the flattop styling of the early crown-top and Tempoint lines but internally have the same mechanism used on the later Equipoised and Doric product lines.  As of last Thursday, I had found two distinct families:

Oh, by the way, I found a jade example from the crown top family.  Pretty cool, huh?  So here are the two transitional families, shown next to their closest "normal" relatives:

In Chicago last weekend, I learned that there were actually three families of these transitional Eversharps, and I found two examples:

These are what collectors refer to as "greek key" or "deco band" pencils, and they were the top of the line in their day.  As with the regular series, the brazilian green (green and bronze) example has the rhomboid pattern on the center band, while the rosewood example has a greek key design:

At the top, each has Eversharp's "Double Check" gold seal of quality, which represented the company's lifetime guarantee.  Note that on the rosewood example, the seal has been drilled (see my "Fraternal Twins" post on March 2):

And here are the new additions pictured with their closest relatives.  Note how the "normal" greek key/deco band pencils didn't have that gold seal?

Wahl referred to these in catalogues as the "Gold Seal" line.  I'm finally comfortable calling these "Gold Seal pencils," now that I've found some that actually have a gold seal on them!

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