Thursday, May 3, 2012

A. T. Cross: Stockbroker's pencil

The crown jewel of Jim Rouse's Cross collection is this stockbroker's pencils, complete with original box and spare leads:

The design is the same one used on the small gold filled and enameled pencils shown in yesterday's post.  Although it's not marked 14k, this pencil has a commanding presence:

Its most distinctive feature is the snake clip that is identical to those found on the F.T. Pearce leadholders featured here on January 11:

According to David Nishimura, the business relationship between F.T. Pearce and Cross was unusually close, and the two companies frequently shared designs.  In this case, the Byers clip is an outstanding example of this collaboration.  Here's the design patent drawing for the clip:

However, this wasn't the only Cross model to use the Byers clip . . .

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