Sunday, May 13, 2012

They Really Were . . . All Right, That Is

These turn up every once in a while, but they are pretty easy to overlook since they are a little bit newer than most collectors prefer:

Almost always when you see these, they are in black and are advertising pieces.  The light blue one was a bit unusual to find.  The most striking feature about these to me is the clip, which is kind of like an Eversharp Fifth Avenue clip, but without the center part:

That top is also reminiscent of the early Eversharp utility pencils, isn't it?  Usually when you find these (and they come in both pencil and ballpoint form), you can just make out the words "All-Rite" on the thin center band.  However, when I took a closer look at this black one, it gave me a little bit more to go on:

Armed with the words "All-Rite" and "Hackensack" I hit up Google Books, and turned up a couple of campy ads that ran in Life Magazine in 1955:

This one ran on August 8, 1955.   Here's another one, from October 3, 1955:

Wait a tick . . . liquid pencils?  Now there's something to keep an eye out for!  Unfortunately, I don't have one to show to you today, but if they were "in stores everywhere," I'm sure one will turn up, right?

As for the All-Rite Pen Company, I did find out a few things.  The trademark for the name was filed on April 22, 1965 by Berol (formerly the Eagle Pencil Co), but the trademark database states that the name was formerly owned by the All-Rite Pen Company, 241 Hudson Street, Hackensack, New Jersey, and the name was first used in commerce on January 30, 1950.  

On May 20, 1966, Berol began using a new logo for the company:

So when was the transition?  That's a little fuzzy.  I did find a reference in one of those "Who's Who" books in which a person stated that they worked for the All-Rite Pen Company from 1962 until 1964, which suggests that Eagle purchased All-Rite sometime in either 1964 or early 1965.  As aggressive as Eagle always was in protecting its intellectual property, I think it's a safe to assume that Eagle acquired All-Rite in early 1965 and promptly trademarked the name that it had purchased.

That's all that I know so far, but now that I've lobbed this one out there, I'm sure this is to be continued . . .

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mark_line said...

Hmm. I wonder if All-Rite is related to North-Rite, Montreal, Canada?