Sunday, May 6, 2012

A. T. Cross: Racing Stripes

Maybe I'm trivializing them by calling them "racing stripes," but to me the nickname for the black enamel rings painted on some Cross pencils seems apt.  Cross has always taken great pride in being a thoroughbred of writing instruments meanufaturers, so nothing like a snazzy paint job to bring out the Ferrari in them.

Here's a group of them from Jim Rouse's collection:

One of the longer ones is sterling, while all the others are gold filled.  Notice the two different styles of chasing on the two larger-diameter short models:

From what I recall, these are marked AXT.  The crowns on the larger examples come in two styles: while the single band examples have smooth crowns, the double-banded example has a knurled crown that matches the Alwrite I posted about two days ago:

And here I thought they all looked alike -- guess I just wasn't looking closely enough!

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