Saturday, May 12, 2012

A. T. Cross: Just a Couple More . . .

The title seems kind of fitting . . . I'd relegated Cross to the "Just a Couple More" section in The Catalogue, and here in this last post on the brand (for now) I've got just a couple more odds and ends to show.

The first two are from my collection.  The "Alwrite" brand name was first used by Cross in 1918, and both of these are so marked:

The "Alwrite" name was simply a catchy name used on Cross products at first, but it looks like by the mid-1920s, when these two were probably made, "Alwrite" had become a subbrand.  While these are nice, they are not nearly the level of quality on some of the earlier models.  As with the earlier ones, these are marked on the crowns:

Note that the ringtop still has vestigial traces of the knurling found on earlier models. 

The last one I've got to show to you is from Jim Rouse's collection.  When I first saw it, I thought Jim had slipped a sterling Wahl Eversharp into his Cross portfolio:

The engraving on the barrel is very similar to what you see on the "full jacketed" floral engraved Eversharps:

But this lovely example is no Eversharp:

My thanks to Jim Rouse for allowing me to photograph his collection -- it's quite an achievement to put together such a nice collection of these!

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