Sunday, February 15, 2015

Tougher to Lose

I need mitten clips for my loupes when I go to shows. I usually take four or so with me to every show, becuase I have a habit of getting distracted and leaving them on other dealers’ tables, or loaning them out, or just generally putting them down somewhere – anywhere – other than where I think I did.

I don’t actually lose too many of them anymore, but there for a while I was buying them by the dozen, like a bad golfer buys balls. After a couple weeks of unpacking after a show, they all seem to find there way back to the loupe corral.

These might be a better alternative:

Although the clip looks like a Parker, it’s just a litlte bit cheesy – and the plastic is just a little bit different consistency than a Parker. At some point I did find what I was convinced was a genuine Parker cap with the bushing that secures the magnifier screwed into one end, but I can’t find it right now – it’s probably with one of those loupes that won’t be back until the cows come home.

I’d always wondered what purpose that bushing might have served, and even if this isn’t a genuine Parker artifact, finally finding something that made some sense of it gave me just a little bit of satisfaction thinking this might have been it. And then came the Philadelphia Mother Lode, which has me thinking a little more about these:

Better quality and a different color.

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