Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Other Conklin Golf Pencils

Some time ago, I posted an article about unmarked "golf pencils" such as these, and how I determined that they were in fact made by Conklin (

There was a second breed of these, and my friend Joe Nemecek brought one along with him when he came to the Ohio Show last November:

I had known about these for some time, and the first time someone mentioned to me that these were made by Conklin I readily agreed that the top looked like a dead ringer for a Conklin Endura ringtop:

Yet I harbored some skepticism, since I hadn’t seen that front end on a Conklin before. Another of my friends, David Glass, was able to dispel my hesitation with his nice display of "All-American" pen and pencil combinations, clearly marked with the Conklin name. Each had this same front end – which, just like the Ensemble from my previous article, is interchangeable with this golf pencil. These combos also appear in Alfonso Mur’s book, The Conklin Legacy.

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