Thursday, April 19, 2012

This One Doesn't Quite Fit In

I spotted this one in an online auction recently and had to bring it home, since it's different from any other Moore I've run across:

The color isn't like any other Moore I've seen, and the flattop design in combination with a press clip is very unusual.  I'd date this one to the mid-1930s and it strongly resembles some Belmont models sold in Rexall stores (Moore, among other manufacturers, had a contract to supply pencils under the Belmont name). 

The clip is a departure from anything else I've found in a Moore, as well.  And as if it weren't enough that this one had the original box, it also had a set of instructions with it.  While it's possible that someone put a different set of instructions in with this set, I kind of doubt it in this case -- instructions were printed on very flimsy paper, making it unlikely they would survive outside the box they were originally put in. 

If these are in fact the instructions for this pencil, they add even more to my understanding of this piece:

Does that illustration look familiar?  It's a Liddell 1925 patent pencil.   The workings of this pencil are consistent with the 1925 series, and although I'd have to dissect it to see the innards for a definitive diagnosis (something I'm not willing to do, as it would destroy the pencil), it looks like Liddell's design survived in production far longer than I had originally thought.

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