Monday, April 16, 2012

Liddell's 1922 and 1925 Patent Moores

The earliest Moore pencils (other than the ACFAD I introduced here last December) were designed by John Liddell and patented on August 15, 1922. I've pictured a group of them on page 100 of The Catalogue, but I lamented at the time that I only had one example in all metal, and it was a ringtop.  I was able to cure that problem at the Baltimore Show:

It's a plain old gold filled example, but with a nice, crisp imprint:

Three years later, Liddell improved his design, and the October 13, 1925 patent Moores are a much more common sight.  However, as shown in The Catalogue, there wasn't much overlap between the patterns produced.  In fact, until recently, I wasn't aware of any pattern that was produced in both the 1922 and 1925 versions.  But then I found this:

The upper example is a 1922 patent Moore, and the lower one is a 1925 patent.  Note that the top metal section is shorter on the 1925 patent.  Eventually on the 1925 patents, this upper metal area would disappear completely as Moore's technology improved.  Here's an oversize Moore that I picked up in Baltimore:

See that metal part under the top cap?  Compare that with the one pictured on page 101 of The Catalogue:

The metal section has been deleted entirely:

So it looks like a pretty straightforward progression, from the 1922 patent, at right, to the later incarnations of the 1925 patent:

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