Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Mastercraft's Little Brother

On page 102, fram 9 of The Catalogue, I've pictured what I call "Later Mastercraft style pencils:

Notice how closely the bottom example resembles the Mastercraft I discussed a couple days ago? 

I'm not sure whether these were produced as a different, lower product line contemporaneously with the Mastercraft series, or whether they were a later and lower quality version of the Mastercraft line.  Recently, I've found a couple more of these:

These are differentiated from the Mastercraft line in a couple respects.  First, notice the clips, which have a unique design that looks a little cheaper than the Mastercrafts:

The rivets on top are plain, while the Mastercrafts are ribbed with concentric rings:

While both of these features point towards a lesser quality product, the center bands on these are really interesting, with little rectangular deco windows:

For a cheaper model, they put a lot of time into designing these!

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