Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stepping out in Style

I've got a couple of these "Stylecrafts" pictured on page 154 of The Catalogue:

I didn't know much about the company that made them, only that in later years, the company also produced the unique little magnetic "Stik" pencils.  This one is a full size, traditional nose drive pencil, except the logo on the clip is a little different:

A while ago I was moved to buy somethihg that at first looks like something well outside my usual area of interest:

There's nothing mechanical about these pencils - they are simply solid sticks of graphite enameled over with paint:

What attracted me to this set wasn't the pencils so much as the packaging that accompanied it:

Baltimore . . . now that's a new detail I didn't know.  But even better was what was on the inside of the box lid:

I would have missed this one if one of my readers had not emailed me to point it out.  It's been a few months now, so I've forgotten who it was, but I thank you!

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