Thursday, April 26, 2012

Shaw-Barton: the Inside Connection

On page 8 of The Catalogue, I illustrate a couple of pencils that were given to me by a friend, Ellen McCoy, who found them in her mother's desk drawer after her mother passed.

What I didn't know at the time the book was printed was that both Ellen's mother, Della Hall, as well as her father Lauress, both worked for Shaw Barton in the 1940s.  At that time, Shaw Barton was the major employer in Coshocton County.  Since I knew my friend grew up in Coshocton, I guess it shouldn't have surprised me to find out that my friend's parents worked there. 

But it did surprise me when Ellen showed up on my doorstep with a couple other pieces of Shaw Barton memorabilia:

The first is a leather case marked "LFH"  for Lauress F. Hall.  Here's a picture of what's inside:

. . . and inside the lid . . .

Second is a large leather wallet with the name "I.J. Branson" on the cover, probably for taking large business sized checks to the bank.  Inside is the company's name:

But the third piece is the one that I consider myself very fortunate to have.  It is a large leather presentation folder, on the lower corner of the front of which is a name:

That's Jay S. Shaw, the founder of the company.  Looks like the Halls really had the inside scoop on what was going on at the company in their day!


Tim Trulli said...

I have a pair of scissors with the stamped Shaw-Barton
Coshockton,Ohio on them. I love to see anything made in America. It is very refreshing to see!
Elkhart, In .
Tim Trulli 46514

Tacos said...

Very cool! Jay Shaw is my great grandfather - I just started searching the internet for old Shaw-Barton stuff and came across your page.

Jon Veley said...

That's great to hear -- do you have anything else with which I can document the company's history? Papers, other memorabilia? I'd love to see whatever you have!