Thursday, April 5, 2012

An Everlasting Mystery

I'm always a sucker for a big honkin' 1920s flattop, and darn it - Paul Erano knows it.  At the Baltimore Show, he gave me one of those knowing smiles and slow nods as I passed by his table, because he knew he had this one sold to me before I even saw it:

This one is an "Ever Last," as marked on the distinctive clip (more on that in a minute):

There's an even cooler logo on the top of the cap:

A pen and a sword crossed with a shield across it.  Neat, huh?

Paul told me that Ever Last was a Conklin subbrand, a notion that I thought he must have arrived at having seen the "Toledo" name on the shield.   There were apparently two companies using the name "Everlast," one in Toledo, Ohio and the other in New York City.  Examples of the Everlast shown on page 54 of The Catalogue must have been from the New York incarnation, because while this pencil clearly has some Conklin-esque elements, those pictured in The Catalogue have none. 

The notion that this might be a Conklin subbrand is particularly intriguing to me, because while this particular brand was new to me, the pencil definitely is not:

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