Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Parker Empire Cap

In general, the Parker 51 bores me.  There, I said it.  I know it's heretical, but I just can't get into them.

It just seems like there's millions out there that are all pretty much the same, all with dark colored barrels (yawn) and your choice of a silver colored or gold colored top (zzz).   Not to mention that any time I find one that looks a bit interesting to me, the only reaction I ever seem to get is "Pshaw, lowly pencil collector!  Get thee to a junkyard with that common rubbish!"

OK, maybe it's not that bad.  But it does seem like the people that are into the Parker 51 are reeeeeally into the Parker 51, and it takes an awful lot for anything to get them really excited. 

But this one is one that even I could get excited about, and although I still wasn't moved enough to spend what it would have taken to acquire it, Gary Gardner was nice enough to let me take a few photographs of it at the Baltimore Show to share today.   This is the "Empire" cap:

Although the cap is what primarily interested me, the barrel color is "mustard" and is one of the rarer colors.  I forgot to take a full length shot, but you can see the barrel a bit in this picture:

And to top things off - literally - this one has a jewel that is a little different from the usual grey jewel:

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Joe said...

Hey Jon! I agree with you. To me, the style of the Parker 51 pencil is elegant and boring. I have a couple for representative samples in my hoard. But they do have an honored spot in my collection. Joe