Friday, April 20, 2012

A Couple More Masterful Mastercrafts

In the late 1930s, Moore introduced the "Mastercraft" series of pencils (and pens).  Here's a picture taken from page 102 of The Catalogue:

They generally fall into two categories:  the ones on the left have two bands, mid-lower barrel and mid-upper barrel, while those on the right have a single center band. 

I wish I could say today that I've found a short brown one to match the one third from left.  Nope.  But I did find a couple neat center band examples.  For starters, I did find a large brown snakeskin patterned example to match that short one in the center:

The color on these just goes on for days:

And at the top, the clip is the typical shield-style Mastercraft clip:

Here's a couple other center band examples that have turned up:

Black is always an easy color to overlook, but they just look so classy.  In this case, it's also nice to compare to that green striped one and show what makes the latter a little bit different from what I would consider to be a "normal" Mastercraft.  Of course for starters, the color of the green one by itself sets it apart from the usual fare.  Now look more closely at the center band:

I'm used to seeing "stacked coin" center bands as shown on the black example.  That split band is a little out of the ordinary.  The other difference is on the clip:

No shield, and the lettering is "stretched" a bit more, like it is on the "Speedline" series (see frame 10 on page 102 of The Catalogue), but Speedlines had a press clip, not the top riveted style clip shown here.

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