Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Eversharp Skyline Press Clip IV

At the Baltimore Show, I found this little guy on Terry Mawhorter's table:

I was pretty sure I had one of these, since the Eversharp Press Clip Skylines are a pretty common sight.  The reason I bought it was for the imprint, which I thought Janet would appreciate as an active member in her local Toastmasters' Club:

When I got home and started unpacking everything, I compared this one to the ones I already had on display, and I noticed a difference:

Since the tips are interchangeable, I don't pay too much attention to whether they are gold plated or plastic.  The part I was interested in was at the other end:

On the top is the Eversharp Skyline Press Clip I, as detailed on page 75 of The Catalogue.   The Press Clip II series is the same, but with a thin middle band, as well.  A few weeks ago I ran an article here about the "Press Clip II 1/2" after one with a wide center band surfaced. 

But this one has no bands at all.  This was a real departure from the usual Skyline fare -- regular line Skylines had to have that upper band, because it was part of the clip and derby assembly.  The band was also an integral part of the Streamliner clip.  When Eversharp introduced Skyline-styled pencils with pressed clips that were merely stapled into the barrel, the upper ring was no longer necessary, although it was retained on the Press Clip I and Press Clip II series purely for aesthetic reasons.  It makes sense that Eversharp would toy with voiding the upper band when it was no longer needed.

Here's a picture showing, from left, a regular Skyline, a Skyline Streamliner, a Press Clip I and today's example:

On page 76 of The Catalogue at frame 43, I've shown a group of what I've termed "Press Clip Oddballs," which have or don't have features I would expect to see in the other categories.  In that grouping are several other pencils like this one, and when they are displayed together they look less like oddballs and more like a regular product line:

Now I know I just said that I don't get too hung up on whether a Skyline has a gold plated tip or a plastic tip, since they are so easily interchanged.  However, all of these are as I have found them, and I'm seeing a pattern emerge:  those which have a partially ribbed barrel have a gold plated tip, and those with a smooth barrel have a plastic tip.  It might be a coincidence, but I think these are likely "correct" with the tips as shown (although I hate the use of that word).

So how to categorize these?  Although in my earlier article I had somewhat flippantly referred to the wider center band Press Clips as "II 1/2," other examples that have surfaced since then indicate that there was no band wider than that produced in the Press Clip series, so I believe to be consistent, Press Clips with a wide center band would be "Press Clip III."

I've settled on referring to those with no bands whatsoever as Press Clip IV, and if someone were to get really picky, those with ribbed barrels and gold plated tips could be IVa, and those with smooth barrels and plastic tips could be IVb.

And of course, you could switch tips and make IVc and IVd, right?  No, that would just be ridiculous . . .

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