Friday, April 13, 2012

A Common Color Maybe, But Not on This

Here's another one that I breezed right past a couple times on ebay, until I thought a bit more about it and decided to bring it home:

This color turns up on thousands of pencils.  This time, it was on an example of the Parker "Premiere" pencil .  Collectors usually refer to these as"Thrift Time" or "Depression" pencils, but Parker actually referred to the ones like this with the flat metal top cap as the "Moderne" (smaller size) and "Premiere" (large size) models.

Part of the reason I blew past this one was that I thought I already had one.  But after I thought about it, I remembered that the one I had was a little different from this:

The one on the top is in my experience the most common color for a Parker Depression pencil (Depression, of course, as a generic term).  An array of nine different colors is illustrated on page 114 of The Catalogue.

Guess we'd better make that ten, huh?

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