Monday, June 4, 2012

Tweeten Redux

As far as Oscar Tweeten's bowling pencil goes, Skip Nemecek and I are neck-and-neck in the race for who's the most excited to learn more about it.  Of course Skip, as President of Tweeten Fibre Co. and a relative of the inventor, has a bit of a leg up on me in the research department.

Skip recently found a Tweeten 1942 catalog.  Since the company is primarily known for its billiard products, nearly the entire catalog is devoted to those product lines, but there were two pages that both Skip and I find fascinating:

The plot thickens!  Well, not really, but there are some interesting things in these illustrations that are worth mentioning.  First, note that there are barrel imprints running lengthwise on the barrels of both of these, while both the ones I've found are smaller imprints running around the top and bottom of the barrel.  It looks like there was a chain and bolt included with the ringtop models that was missing from mine, and the accommodation clip found on the side clip version is different from what I've found. 

Oooh, and look at that!  The ringtop also came in red with a green cap, and the side clip model came in red! 

These things were sold by the dozen, so there just have to be more of them out there . . .

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