Monday, June 25, 2012

To - maaah - to

Recently I found a really neat pencil in a bunch that I got off of an online auction.  It wasn't the one I was targeting, but every bit as good:

And it reminded me of a funny story from right after The Catalogue was published.  I received an email scolding me for something I had written on page 62, concerning what I called the "Eversharp-Autopoint hybrids":

I had commented at how much these Eversharp mechanisms (the one on the left out of the pencil) resembled the Autopoint mechanism (the one next to it), which is high treason to Autopoint fanatics such as the guy that emailed me to let me know it does not in fact resemble an Autopoint mechanism, because the tip is too short.  Rather, he said, I should have said it resembled a Realite mechanism. 

I though hairs were being split on that issue, since Realite and Autopoint were both guided by Charles Keeran, and the two companies later merged with the surviving company, Realite, renaming itself "Autopoint Products Company."  But I understand that to a specialist in this area, saying "tomato, to-mah-to" in response is like waving a red flag in front of a bull, and I'll admit he has thought about Realites and Autopoints a lot more than I have.   I'll also admit the guy has a point -- here's a picture comparing an Autopoint, at top, with a comparable Realite:

Yeah, those Eversharps do look more like a Realite, and maybe I should have called them Eversharp-Realite hybrids.   Those Eversharps also look a lot like the new pencil I found, shown here alongside a similar example I've had for awhile:

But wait a tick . . . the clips on these don't say "Realite."  Maybe there's an imprint, you were wondering?

What's that you say?  To-maaaaaah-to?

(All of the foregoing is offered in good fun.  The name of the vigilant Autopoint aficionado has been omitted to keep it that way!)

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