Friday, June 22, 2012

To Revitalize a Craig

Not long ago, I bid on a bunch of pencils in an online auction hoping that this would be what I thought it was:

And it was . . . mostly.  Yes, it is a Craig, one of Sheaffer's subbrands and scarce as hen's teeth to come by, but when I cut off the large, gawky eraser that someone had stuck on the top of it I found . . . nothing:

The top is missing.  No worries as far as I was concerned, as I hadn't seen one in black and pearl before and so I wasn't about to return the item.  I just figured I'd wait and pounce on one of the more common (less uncommon) plain black Craigs when one came along, then swap over the top.

A few weeks later I appeared to get my chance -- a black one popped up in an online auction, I bid, and no one else did.  For a measly couple of bucks, my donor pencil was on its way, and for what I paid, I wouldn't even feel guilty parting out a perfectly good pencil.  Or would I . . .

I can count on one hand the times I've been disappointed that a pencil was a little bit different from the one I had in my collection, and this is one of them!  Of course, it did match another pencil that I had:

But again, only almost . . .

"Univer," another Sheaffer subbrand.  Oh well, at least next time I find a black Craig, it's a little less likely to be different from what I've got on hand!

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