Saturday, June 9, 2012

Nishimura Turns On the Lights For Me

One of these days, I'm going to spring for the extra bucks for a perimeter table at a pen show, just so I can get some power and take some decent pictures!  In Chicago, David Nishimura stopped by my table to show me a couple pencils he'd picked up.  You'd have thought I was shooting Heidi Klum or something, with all the pictures I took  -- I just couldn't get it right.  Out of 20 or so, this was the best I was able to get:

Turns out I had knocked my camera's settings off of "auto," so no wonder I was having difficulty!  David must have sensed that I was having some trouble, because after I got home from the show, David sent me a couple pictures of these pencils, shot under more controlled lighting conditions (and by someone who knows his way around a camera better than I do):

David and I are in agreement that these are Eagle pencils, unusual for their sterling overlays and also in that they are unmarked.   But the design elements are unmistakable, from the blunt hard rubber tip to the ribbed section near the ferrule.

Thank you David, for lighting a candle rather than cursing my darkness . . . or rather, for turning on the photographic lights for me!

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