Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pearlie Update: We Were Closer Than We Knew!

Sheaffer "Pearlies" are an area that could form the basis of a collection all its own.  Even though I've probably got waaay more than a normal person would, I've still managed to pick up a few that are worthy of mention.   The first came to me from Matt McColm:

Although it is easy to mix and match caps and come up with whatever color variations you want, the red white and blue combination is found in Sheaffer catalogs and advertisements from the early 1940s.  Matt and I are both sure there's a story behind the logo found on the back of the upper barrel, but neither of us has been able to put our finger on it:

Kinda has a paramilitary or WPA thing going on, doesn't it?  

The next example is interesting for what it isn't:

It's not "pearlie."  Now pearlies with solid white sections are a common sight, but until I found this one, I had only seen them in the later ribbed clip models.  This one sports a much earlier "Fineline" clip, and note that it also has a gold filled center ring?

Finally, I'm glad to announce that I have learned Sheaffer's formal name for the "pearlie," a nickname that I don't really like all that well but which has had to do in the absence of any proper name.  Here's an example still in its original blister pack:

From the looks of the smilin' dudes pictured, this is from the late 1960s or early 1970s.  The clip is of the ribbed horizontal lettering variety, and now I can properly refer to these as "pearl center pencils."

On the reverse, there is some additional information:

Including replacement lead and eraser information:

And the pearl center pencil's special features:

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