Saturday, June 30, 2012

Beating the Heat

If we Ohioans didn't have such a collective short term memory, no one would live here anymore.  See, once the leaves are down in the fall, most days from November until April are grey, wet and cold -- not usually so cold that it snows, mind you, but 38 degrees and raining is pretty typical.   The weather gets really nice in late spring, and then a month later we've forgotten all about how much we were complaining about the cold and we are complaining about the heat!

In honor of one of the more blistering Junes we've had around here for awhile, here's a couple of neat little pencils:

I don't remember who it was that walked up to me in Chicago with the black one in his hand and said, "I'll bet you'll want this one," but whoever it was he was right.   I would have bought the other one anyway when it popped up in an online auction a little while later, but having its brother at home made it more of a must have for me.

I'm always a sucker for a name I don't have, even on an otherwise ordinary pencil:

and suckin' on a popsicle right now sounds pretty good!

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