Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jack's Back

A few weeks ago Jack Leone allowed me to borrow his Holland calendar pencils to photograph and compare to the one that I found in Chicago (see my post of May 9).  As it turns out, the pencil I found fits in pretty nicely with the ones Jack's turned up:

Mine is the one at the top in this picture.  When compared to Jack's similar pencil, other than the difference in lower barrel color, the two are pretty much the same:

although the trim on his is a lot nicer . . .

and his doesn't have "character" (ok, teeth marks).

The other two are significantly better made.   The rotating ring is better thought out, with beveled edges, and is made of plastic:

The clips strongly resemble Ritepoint clips from the late 1930s:

The imprints on the cap are also typical for Ritepoint, Lipic and several other St. Louis based concerns:

Hmmm... I wonder if there's a connection here? 

Thank you Jack, for the opportunity to photograph these!

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