Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Holes Are OK This Time

You know, with all that talk about Dur-O-Lite lately, I really should have shown this one off:

I got this from Michael Little in Chicago, who has advised me that if I continue to be so obviously excited about the things I buy from him, he’s going to start raising his prices. Therefore, in the interests of self-preservation, I will state for the record that I’m not the least bit excited about this one. Geez, Mike, what are you trying to sell me here? This one has a hole cut in the top!

And what’s this? More holes? What, Mike, you got mice in your pencil boxes?

And another one here? And it’s got a name on it? I thought pencils with someone’s name on them weren’t worth as much!

Sigh. Yes, it’s a Dur-O-Lite demonstrator pencil. Yes, the holes are supposed to be there. And yes, I looked like a kid at Christmas when Mike pulled this one out to show me. I don’t have much of a poker face when I stumble across a really cool pencil. But then again, I seem to remember Mike losing his composure after he regretted selling a certain Eagle to me in DC . . .

Guess we’re all just kids here, aren’t we?

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