Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Quarter Inch That Makes All The Difference

"Executive" – few things have a nicer ring as far as the online hucksters are concerned. You can put this adjective in front of nearly anything, and poof! You can dress up even the crappiest Bic ballpoint. In fact, it ranks high among the other overused adjectives in online auctions, such as:

4. Early (or at least, earlier than yesterday’s breakfast)
3. Rare (sometimes I seriously believe the seller means undercooked)
2. Stunning (but they never say whether you should be stunned in a good way or a bad way)
1. Solid, as in gold (used as if even the lead installed in it is 14k – nothing like seeing a gold plated piece on a scale to make you want to take a shower).

But I’m getting off topic. In today’s episode, "Executive" has a very specific meaning when it comes to the Eversharp Skyline. Here’s the picture from page 72, frame 29 of The Catalogue . . .

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