Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lost and Not Yet Found

One of my greatest pleasures in collecting is finding pencils with names I’ve not yet heard of. Unfortunately, for so many of these the story behind them remains lost to history, so right now, I can’t do anything more than say "here they are."

So I’ll just document these and put them out there, in the hopes that for someone out there in cyberland these will ring a bell and with any luck, prompt an email that will bring a box, paperwork or some other additional information to light (or at least a few humorous cracks from the usual smart-alecks).

First is one marked "Master," which surfaced in an online auction:

According to the "Pencyclopedia" posted by W-B Pens and Watches (,
"Master" was a name used by the Bankers Pen Company, made to accompany the "Master Pen" invented by Julius Schnell. However, the M in a circle suggests that this might be a David Kahn production:
Next, along the same lines, is marked "Wardman," which came from Michael Little in DC:

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