Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Keeping It Real

Here was a nice find from the DC show. I don’t remember where it came from, but I think it came out of Frank Hoban’s hoard (through Michael Little):

This is a "Realpoint," which was an Autopoint brand (the name is a combination of Realite and Autopoint, the two companies which merged to form the Autopoint Products Company). According to Jim Stauffer, Realpoint was the brand Autopoint used to test market new ideas, which explains why this one lacks the familiar removable nose cone seen on Realites and Autopoints.  The mechanism is a conventional nose drive.

Also, rather than being made of bakelite, another Autopoint standby, Realpoints are made in very attractive colors. Here it is, posed with the three examples pictured on page 23 of The Catalogue:

Yeah, I know that top one needs some work. The color on this example just goes on for days:

An interesting hallmark on Realpoints is the slightly domed top:

I haven’t done anything to restore this one – this is how it came to me. Even the trim lacks any signs of wear:

But this Realpoint has another interesting feature that caught my attention, and led me unexpectedly to another story altogether. More on that tomorrow . . .

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