Tuesday, September 25, 2012


"Ever seen a ‘Rite-O’?" Michael Little emailed me a while back. I hadn’t yet, but I’d seen something close:

I’d found this stocked display of lead and eraser refills in an online auction some time ago, and even though I didn’t know there were any pencils to go with it, I just thought it was too neat to pass up. The display indicates it was made by the "Tri-Ess Corporation" of Jersey City, New Jersey:

The box that the display came in provided another clue: "Rite-O, Inc." in Martinsburg, West Virginia:

When Michael’s Rite-O arrived, it strongly resembled a Scripto:

The accommodation clip with which it was fitted was strongly reminiscent of a Wearever clip:

But the inscription on the pencil left me with more questions than answers:

Really? A "bouncing pencil"? I decided against throwing it down onto the floor to see if it would.
And then, in another one of those flukes, something came up in another online auction that caught my eye:

A fully stocked display card with a different variation on these, with streamlined caps over the exposed erasers. The card also attributes the pencils to Tri-Ess Products, Inc. Better still, when I received the item, I found that it was actually stocked on both sides, with only one missing on the other side:

My research hasn’t turned anything up yet about the Rite-O. Any further information is certainly welcome!

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