Sunday, September 23, 2012

Not Quite A Waterman

Here’s an interesting piece. I don’t remember where it came from:

The nose has the same style tip seen on many Waterman models of the 1930s, including the Patrician, Lady Patricia, Thorobred, Ink vue . . . the list goes on and on:

And the stepped top end treatment is the same as found on the Number 7 and Ink-Vue pencils:

It’s interesting that this one is an advertiser:

I think this might be a reference to the Overland automobile. Overland was an early twentieth century manufacturer that was purchased in 1908 by Willys and renamed Willys-Overland, but the company continued making cars under the Overland name until 1926. 1926 looks like it might be about right.
But more interesting is that this is no Waterman:

It’s a Redipoint.

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