Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Prettiest Eversharp Clip

Today I'm introducing another neat find from the Baltimore show, but before I introduce it I need to back up a few steps to show you why it's so neat. 

Here's a pair of Eversharp "Pacemakers" in blue, and an anodized black aluminum "white star guarantee" pencil from around 1940:

The top pencil is typical for a Pacemaker, with a Coronet clip.  The "White Star" pencils (the star denoted another Eversharp guarantee of quality) had that long, elegant clip with ribs.  Occasionally, a Pacemaker will turn up with this clip, but from what I've seen only on the blue ones.  Here's a closeup of the clips:

Another interesting pencil made by Wahl Eversharp in the late 1930s are what I have called the "hybrid repeater pencils" pictured on page 70 of The Catalogue.  I call them hybrids because they share elements of both Pacemakers and the later Skylines.  Lively online debates have failed to turn up any official name for these pencils, shown here alongside the Pacemaker:

Unlike the Pacemakers, which did not have the gold seal denoting a lifetime guarantee, these hybrids were offered either with or without gold seals.  I've found hybrids only in maroon and black (at one point, I thought I'd found a navy blue one, but I think it's just a black one that's faded).   To my knowledge, that three-facet clip appears on no other Wahl product.

And, until the Baltimore show this year, I thought that all of these hybrids had that three-faceted clip.  Here's what turned up at the show, shown below the hybrid in the preceding picture:

So the mysterious hybrids also sport the "white star" clip.  While I noted in the Catalogue that the hybrids themselves aren't overly rare, a hybrid hybrid, with Skyline, Pacemaker and White Star characteristics certainly is!

And that White star clip gets my vote for the prettiest clip Eversharp ever made!

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