Sunday, March 4, 2012

Eversharp Week part 7: Joe Weighs in on Wafers

I recently posted about a Wahl "bumblebee" in teal, with the rare price "wafer" in lieu of a price sticker:

No sooner had the article published than my good friend Joe Nemecek entered the scene with a big "nuh uh" to my belief that the bumblebees were the only Wahls to sport these wafers.  Immediately, I knew a follow up article would be in order, as soon as Joe sent me a few pictures to show me what he meant:

Says Joe:

"As we discussed yesterday, I'm sending you pictures of my Wahl-Eversharp pencils with the black wafer. Of course it is possible that swaps of parts were made. But continuing, neither of these two pencils feature the bumble bee color patern as we discussed. The bumble bee patterns in the smaller size are particularly difficult to find, imo. The wafers may add an extra level of rarity.  My soldier clip pencil with wafer is crazy different (maybe -  possibly - jeez -  I care!
"Wahl-Eversharp also produced much larger 'Dollar Pencils' without wafer in the bumble bee patterns (a little less rare than the smaller pencils, imo). I've enclosed a picture of two of these from my collection.
"Forever hoping for lucidness, your buddy, Joe"
Here's Joe's shot showing the Dollar Pencils (readers of The Catalogue, there's two different styles in the yellow bumblebee pattern pictured on page 64):
Note that the while the ringtop wafers are secured by the ring, the military clip wafers are secured by a little slot threaded through the clip.

I asked Joe whether he had ever seen a wafer on a full-sized, side clip pencil, since I can't think of how it would have been secured.  Joe replied:

"I cannot say for certain, but I've not seen wafers attached to standard clip, regular size Wahl-Eversharp pencils.  Nishimura made a comment in your 'wafer top' blog article as to wafers being across the model line in like pencils. I probably saw my first wafer six or seven years ago. My second, I bought from Nishimura about three or four years ago. Between you and me, we have never seen the wafer in the larger pencils, huh?  Yes?"

Huh, I say. Yes.

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