Friday, March 16, 2012

Lighter Pencil Week Part 5: Sure Fire

Some of these lighter pencils, like the Lite-O-Rite and the second generation Penciliters, are so graceful and well designed that you'd hardly know they were anything more than a beautiful pencil.  Others, like yesterday's Havalite, obviously have something going on under the top, but still retain some sense of proportion.

And then there's a few that look like a Volkswagen parked on a toothpick:

Don't get me wrong, this pencil definitely has some interesting features.   Check out the candy-cane style ribs that extend all the way up the barrel.   The clip strongly resembles the Stewart lighter pencils, and the font resembles ordinary pencils marked "Universal":

But that top.... geez, that top...

This is another find from the Scott Antique Market, from the same dealer, in fact, from which the "grim reaper" Hampden compass pencil found its way to me.  Perhaps some other pencil collector shared my passion for the macabre, the weird, and the bad ideas that somehow made it into production.

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